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Our Philosophy

At Children Exceeding Expectations School (CEE), we recognize that a child's life threatening illness does not affect that child alone.  His parents and his entire family are impacted daily.  For that reason, our program has aspects that reach beyond our classroom.  We believe that it's important to provide support both for our students when they are with us at school but also for their families outside the school setting. 


During School Hours

Parent Room - For parents who choose to stay on site during school hours, we provide a separate Parent Room so that they may relax for a few hours.  Some choose to read, others simply to rest in quiet, and others take advantage of the time to visit with each other.  Over time, they have become a wonderful support group for each other, sharing together their life experiences - their ups and their downs. At CEE we know that hope and support are critical to the healing process.


Field Trips - At CEE we periodically schedule field trips for our students - some to places on site at Bristol Motor Speedway and, sometimes, to places nearby.  CEE parents are always encouraged to join us and enjoy the fun along with their children.


Away from School

Family Outings - In an effort to support and encourage our students and their families in as many ways as possible, we also plan family outings that are outside of school hours and open to members of our student families.  Sometimes these are short regional outings like our Trout in the Classroom picnic and release of the little baby trout we raised in the classroom.  Sometimes they are bigger trips like several different trips to Disney for CEE students and their families. 


Random Acts of Kindness

In working with our CEE students and their families, we have come to understand some of the unique challenges these families face.  While leading the fight to save their children's lives, they also have to balance other family responsibilities, jobs and more.  Sometimes they need a little help.  It may be that their family needs a break from daily stress.  Maybe things are stretched financially, and it's hard to pay the bills or to pay for those unexpected things that happen when we own homes and automobiles.  Even though some of the medical facilities treating our students do not charge the families for medical care, there is lost income from days taken off work to be with the sick child or with the other children when the spouse is with the sick child, cost of fuel, lodging and food while traveling to and from the treatment centers.  Because of the wonderful generosity of our community, CEE has been able to establish a Random Acts of Kindness Program that allows us to provide occasional assistance to our families when they need it.






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