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It is only through the generous donations from our community that Children Exceeding Expectations School is able to continue to make a difference in the lives of young children battling cancer and other life-threatening illness.  Here are ways you can help: 


Random Acts of Kindness

Each year, funded by generous donations from friends in the community, we plan a magical trip for our students and their families. We have traveled to Disney World since 2012 at no charge to our CEE families. Life-threatening illness does not affect the hospitalized child alone.  The child's entire family is affected daily.  At CEE we recognize the importance the whole family plays in a child's healing process. 

We also recognize how important it is for families to take a break from the serious challenges, traumas and stresses they face every day - a chance to have a wonderful normal and fun family vacation.  With your help, they BELIEVE in HOPE and WISHES.

Wheely Awesome

Fall 2024, Students (or siblings) from Children Exceeding Expectations or may apply for a scholarship to apply towards any school of their choice.


Because of our unique immune systems. All donations must be NEW. For that reason, we love Gift Cards. They are also very easy to gift our families in the hospital.

-Medical Supplies for Play get LOTS of Love

-Target and Walmart Cards 


Heaven’s Fund

No parent is prepared for a funeral. They shouldn’t need to be.



If you would like to support the children of Children Exceeding Expectations, please let us know.  Email us at or call 423-612-8087 (Hayley) or 423-956-9562 (Jane).

Contact Us to Help
423-612-8087 (Hayley)
423-956-9562 (Jane)
Mail a Donation to:
Children Exceeding Expectations
156 Vines Dr.
Jonesborough, TN 37659

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